Pica Pau


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You have in your hands the book to recreate the characters of the most famous and fun crochet band! Its protagonists are Pedro Von Dito Cerdito, Audrey Gacela, Hugo Murciélago, Gertrudis Dragona and the other members of Pica Pau invented by Yan Schenkel, the most ingenious and witty character designer in the craft world.

Basic techniques: includes the essentials to get started in crochet, from the usual points to the most essential techniques for knitting miniatures. An ideal book for both beginners and experienced crochelists!

20 characters: an explorer, a gastronomic writer, a neorural urbanite, a sailor ... Immerse yourself in the Pica Pau universe and create twenty crochet animals each with their original history. You will open the doors to your own imagination!

Original patterns: Schenkel shares with all of us its knowledge, secrets and detailed information, point by point and photo by photo, of each employer. Impossible to get lost!

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