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  • Brainwave
    4.5mm 6-7mm
    100gr k2tog
    15sts x 20rows

    This hat popped into my head one evening while closing up the shop. I did a sketch and knit it up as soon as I got home. Four hours from in my head to on my head! And just 100gr of our K2tog yarn!

    You can choose how slouchy you want it. The 6.0mm needles give you get a closer fit, while the 7mm needles give you more slouch. You choose!

  • Felix
    5 mm
    KnitWise by AYKL

    Mr. Félix is a jeweler. Before ever going into his shop, I would often stop and admire his beautiful work.  His pieces are modern, light and imaginative.

    When Miquel and I got married, I knew I wanted Mr. Félix to make our simple - but special-to-us - moebius rings.  So when designing a pattern with him in mind, an infinity cowl seemed like the perfect choice!

    Knit in brioche stitch for extra squooshiness and combining 2 different colors because choosing just one is too hard!

  • Fell Swoop PATTERN
    Fell Swoop
    Advanced beginner
    180gr PurlWise
    15sts x 30rows

    While I love asymmetrical shawls, most are knit end to end and I found that I missed the V-shaped stripes that come from a top-down structure.

    This shawl was designed to satisfy that particular craving of mine. Pick your 6 colors of our PurlWise linen yarn, plan your stripes -or don’t- and knit up a storm!  We also have kits available!

  • Jovana
    3.5 - 4.5 mm
    100gr KnitWise
    22sts x 22rows

    This cool, slouchy beret in my favorite star stitch is inspired by Jovana: a classy, funky and very stylish Serbian singer/waitress.

    It's an easy knit that holds your interest and is made with 100gr of our KnitWise alpaca yarn.

  • Kate
    4.5 mm
    200gr Knit Wise

    Funny, lively, sharp and always ready for a good conversation with a glass of red wine. So is our neighbor Kate and so is this shawl inspired on her that bears his name. Simple, bold, young but with experienced lace at the end.

    Made with 200gr of our KnitWise alpaca yarn.

  • Neus
    KnitWise by AYKL

    Elegant, with a touch of the bohemian, and convinced that a straight line is not the most interesting way to get somewhere. That description fits both our neighbor Neus and this versatile, drapey, bias-knit wrap, designed with her in mind using our KnitWise alpaca yarn.

  • Núria
    3.5, 4.0 & 4.5mm
    400gr KnitWise by AYKL

    This sleeveless sweater with removable cowl is inspired by our neighbor Núria.  Relaxed, comfortable and easy to wear, it is a reflection of her calm elegance and casual style.

    This chic, easy top and cowl set uses 400gr of our KnitWise alpaca yarn.

  • Trifàsic
    5,5 mm
    300gr K2TOG by AYKL

    A big, squoooshy, cowl that - like its namesake drink made with coffee, liqueur and condensed milk - has 3 distinct parts: ribbing, 2-color brioche and a lace ending.

    Made with 300gr of our yummy k2tog yarn, it will keep you warm and stylish all winter long!

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